Speakers and Presentations

Today we posted most of our speakers and their presentations, although we are still missing a half dozen or so. The remaining few will go up in the next couple of days. We don’t have tracks per se but we do have specific presentations earmarked for beginners, users, designers and developers.

For the absolute beginners, we will have a 3 hour workshop on Friday morning as well as an hour long recap Saturday morning for people who missed it or want a refresher.

All of the talks will be categorized based on relevance and importance to users, designers or developers (and/or some of the above). We do realize that there are developers and designers that are just getting into WordPress, so we have provided presentations that will be just right for your stage of learning.

Some rooms may fill up quickly, and it may turn out that you can’t attend every presentation that you have your eye on. There are great second choices as well as a happiness bar where you can get your questions answered (or answer other peoples) and an entire room for un-conference topics.

It is exciting to see the schedule take shape. I hope this initial list of presentations whets your appetite.


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