WordPress Navigation Menu Styling Tips and Best Practices

Navigation is among the most important elements of a website’s design. Effective navigation allows visitors to quickly and easily find desired content, keeping them on your site.

The session will begin with a review of navigation menu best practices including structure, location and usability. Then we will move onto how you can improve your navigation menu with modifications to your theme’s CSS stylesheet. We will cover:

  • using and styling submenus
  • adding icons to navigation items
  • changing the formatting of hovered or active items
  • declaring a menu area in theme files
  • declaring CSS ids and classes when adding a menu area to a theme
    images, subtitles, and hover elements

Getting Around WordPress: A Guided Tour of the Administration Panel

This session will make you familiar with all the menus and options in WordPress. Now that you have WordPress installed, it’s time to take a tour so you can learn where all the settings and goodies are hiding. Discover how to lay a firm foundation now, and build your site with confidence.

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CSS Survival Guide

Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) control the look and feel of your WordPress website. They can be intimidating at first, but there is good news: you don’t need to be a master coder to make attractive, meaningful improvements to your website!
Understanding just a handful of CSS concepts—such as Selectors, Specificity, the Box Model, Positioning and Floats—can take you far.
In this presentation, you will learn important CSS survival skills that will help you feel more confident with CSS, inspire you to try some new things with your website, and empower you with the knowledge to get the job done right.

Creating and Maintaining WordPress Plugins

Writing plugins is a great resumé booster as well as a way to give
back to the community. WordPress Lead Developer (and plugin author)
Mark Jaquith will walk you through the process of architecting,
writing, publishing, and maintaining a WordPress plugin. Covered
topics will include:

  • How to structure a plugin
  • Best practices for hooks
  • A philosophy for WordPress plugins
  • Getting your plugin in the plugin repository
  • Basic SVN flow
  • Maintaining your plugin

Design Swoon – Visual Trends and WordPress

Dont you just love the latest design trends and techniques? Want to apply them to WordPress using great technique? Or do you just need some inspiration? Come to “Design Swoon” where we will not only look at some of the best design on the web but also parse down technique of implementation with CSS3, HTML5, & WordPress. A designers must-see.

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Implementing Facebook Registration

Of course you’ve heard of Facebook Connect, but did you even know that Facebook also offers a Registration Plugin? It’s one of those under-utilized tools that can be exactly what you were looking for.
During this session we’re going to learn about what it is, what it is not, what it does, and how to easily implement it in your WordPress website using the FB Registration Plugin for WordPress.

Hosting Showdown: Shared, Dedicated, VPS or Managed. What makes the most sense for you?

Is your site blocked by malware tools? Are your conversion rates through the floor? Are your search rankings suffering?

All of these things can be influenced by your website host. Join us as we explore web hosting and how it can influence your ability to make your website faster, more secure and friendly for your visitors.

We’ll detail the different types of web hosts and what you can watch out for to avoid major headaches later on. Don’t miss this chance to up your game on your web hosting knowledge!

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Gotta-have vs. Must-use plugins for Multisite

If you use multisite chances are you’ll want to use plugins specifically written for multisite. These plugins are referred to as “mu-plugins” (a.k.a. Must Use). We’ll cover how a multisite plugin is different, how to install them and demo a few of the most common and most powerful ones.

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From PSD to WordPress Theme: Under the Skin

We’ll cover how to get from photoshop to WordPress. There are many different roads to a theme. We’ll go over a few possibilities and then cover getting from a design in photoshop to an actual WordPress child theme while trying not to reinvent the wheel.

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Hello WordPress! An absolute beginners workshop

If you are totally new to WordPress or just getting started and want to have a better understanding of the core functionality and tools provided by WordPress, then this is for you. We’ll cover the “basic” functionality that WordPress ships with out of the box. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Navigating the WordPress administrative console
  • How to publish content (posts and pages)
  • Uploading and attaching media; such as images and videos
  • Applying a theme (design) to your site
  • Manipulating sidebar widgets
  • Creating dynamic navigation menus
  • Installing plugins to enhance the functionality of your site
  • Resources for finding answers to common problems

Cool Tools For Customizing WordPress Sites

If you are going to do anything above the basic beginner level work with WordPress you will want to know how transfer your files (FTP) from your desktop to your server with a program like Filezilla. We will also show you how to look at and see changes to your code using Firebug and Firepicker.

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Optimizing WordPress

Optimizing WordPress is a collection of suggestions and strategies for speeding up your WordPress website.  Compiled from Mark Kelnar’s experience optimizing sites as the Lead Server Herder at WP Engine, you’re sure to walk away with something useful.  Starting with the basics like selecting optimized themes and managing plugins, he’ll then move to advanced storage and caching strategies as well as query profiling (and more).

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Get Started On The Right Foot With Creating Child Themes

Learn to Create a Child Theme for your modifications so that they don’t get overwritten in an upgrade. Jeff is also going to tell you how you can import a CSS style sheet from another site into a Child Themes to bring in that styling to any theme.Here is the link to Jeff’s presentation on Slideshare.

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Looking Under the Hood: Understanding the WordPress Theme File Structure

Want to understand just which theme files do what and when and how to use them? We’ll cover the most used parts of a WordPress theme as well as some of the easy ways to create custom pages and archive templates including custom post types.

Responsive Web Design: Philosophy, Technology, and You

As mobile devices proliferate, people all over the world access your content in a wider variety of contexts than ever before. Every device has its own constraints, and it is no longer possible, or advisable, to design separate apps or websites for each one.
Responsive Web Design represents a new way of thinking for designers, developers, and content creators. It promotes the creation of a single website which adapts to provide an experience appropriate to each device and context.
We will explore the three technical components of Responsive Web Design—Fluid Grids, Flexible Images, and Media Queries—as well as the profound change in design philosophy which drives them, and how these ideas affect you and your business today.

Scribe SEO vs InboundWriter the new generation of SEO copywriting for WordPress

SEO how to write better optimized WordPress posts using Scribe vs InboundWriter.

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Mastering Custom Post Types

For Plugin & Theme developers comfortable with PHP!

Custom Post Types were a watershed feature added to WordPress 3.0 in 2010. Since then there has been an explosion of WordPress use for all types of sites, not just for blogs. But as with most powerful new features the reality is that taking Custom Post Types to their limit can take thousands of hours of trial and error.

But why spend all those hours with a sore forehead when you can bypass most of the effort by attending this presentation? This presentation will show all techniques in PHP code starting in WordPress theme’s functions.php file and we’ll convert to a plugin during the presentation.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Define a Custom Post Type in PHP,
  • Configure Edit Screens for Posts and Pages,
  • Set up Custom Columns in the post list admin screen,
  • Set up Custom Sorts and Filters in the post list admin screen,
  • Create Custom Meta Boxes with custom form fields,
  • Add Custom Meta Boxes for parent/child Post Types,
  • Query Custom Post Types within Theme files,
  • Create Custom Taxonomies and Assign to any Post Type, even Posts and Pages,
  • Add a Parent Post Field in a Metabox of the Post Editor,
  • Create Hierarchical URLs for Hierarchical Custom Post Types,
  • Recognize and Bypass the various gotchas you’ll run into,
  • AND maybe a few other things that come up as questions during the workshop.

This is designed to be a fast-paced presentation for people who are comfortable using PHP. We’ll show a series of code snippets so you can see how each one comes together. And we’ll make mistakes while we’re working so you can see how to get past the mistakes you will inevitably make.


  • Some experience programming in PHP.
  • Nice to have: Experience writing plugins or themes.

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Creating an Event Website With WordPress

Events need technology to help market, promote and build a community. WordPress offers a quick solution to an online presence incorporating content and social media. This session will show attendees how to quickly launch an event site using WordPress and event-specific plugins. Whether you are hiring an agency to develop your site, or developing it yourself, understanding how to add content and quickly update your site, WordPress offers you the ability to update speakers, sessions, registration information and more, as well as a adding a “blog” component to your site. And if you are thinking – “Isn’t WordPress that blogging program?” Yes, but it so much more!

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Shared Hosting and WordPress

In this presentation I’ll show new users what to look for in a shared hosting provider as well as 4 different methods for installing WordPress in a shared environment.

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How to Craft Blog Posts that Build Audiences, Traffic, and Your Business

It’s not just practice and a lot of “hard work” that enabled me to create over 3,200 blog posts last year – it was a unique combination of strategy and tactics that created a sustainable and enjoyable method that kept the content production high without burnout.

In this session I’ll share with you create a posting methodology that works for you that will maximize your time and efforts to create traffic, a larger audience, and the momentum you need for your small (or large) business. We’ll cover the nuts-and-bolts of templating individual posts as well as high-level strategy for continued blog post production.

This will be a “hands-on” workshop so come prepared to get busy!

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SEO & WordPress: Do This, Not That for the Small Business Owner or Solopreneur

If the thought of implementing an SEO strategy seems daunting, then this workshop is for you. Rather than tell you what to do, we’re going to show you what to do (and what not to do) through case studies, examples, graphics, and stories. We’ll review the basic fundamentals of SEO and share action strategies that you can take away and implement immediately. Get ready to take notes as we discuss the myths, misunderstandings and must-do action items to start kick-start an effective SEO strategy.

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Overcoming Blogger’s Block

You blog, but you either fall into one of the following:

1. You’ve reached a plateau with your site and just cannot seem to write any more
2. You really are not sure what you can cover on your site. (For those with businesses, you might be scared of spamming.)
3. You are afraid you might be copying other sites in your niche that may be covering the same topics.

I am going to go over some tips to help you overcome Blogger’s Block and get you to think outside the box when coming up with loads of topics for you.

At the end of my presentation, I will open the floor for questions. I would encourage you to even think about asking for topic ideas for your niche. I am sure that between myself and the other attendees, we can brainstorm fuel for your blog.

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Hassle Free Blogging with

Ok, ok, there’s not much in the world that’s hassle-free, but if you’re new to blogging, find the thought of hosting WordPress on your own intimidating, or just want to get started blogging without having to worry about the technology that makes your blog work, might be a good fit for you. I’ll give an overview of what services provides, whom it might or might not be suited to, how to get started, and and how you can make your blog your own.

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Got Awesome Theme Functionality? It Probably Needs a Plugin

Exceptional themes have exceptional functionality. Too bad that the majority of the time this exceptional functionality should be included in a plugin, not the theme itself. “But wait”, you say, “how can I include plugins with a theme? I thought that wasn’t possible?!”. Wrong! You can include plugins with a theme and prompt users to install and activate them (in one single step!), and I’ve got just the right API and tools to help you do so. I will show you how you can require and/or recommend plugins for your theme like a pro.

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Basics of WordPress Theme Customization

 Themes are very popular with users of WordPress, primarily because the theme defines the look and feel of your web site, and the functions within the template carry your content forward to the eyes of your readers.  Yet, themes still remain a mystery to many new users of WordPress, especially getting started in creating your own theme.  This session covers the basics of WordPress themes and provides practical tips on how to get started creating your own theme.
In this session you will learn the basic templates (index, header, sidebar, footer), including the stylesheet with basic CSS information to help you with styles and formats; additionally, you will learn how to connect the template files together to create a basic WordPress theme that you can build on from there.  Discover basic template tags to help you accomplish your goals of content delivery and even learn how to make sure your theme supports basic WordPress features such as widgets, featured images, custom header and custom backgrounds.
At the end of the session, Lisa provides you with a link where you can download the example basic theme for you to work with long after WordCamp Atlanta is over, as you continue your journey towards becoming a WordPress theme master!


Oh My, So Many to Choose From . . . How to Pick a Theme

This presentation will give the scoop on themes. Specifically, What is a theme? What is GPL licensing? What is difference between free themes and premium themes. What are theme frameworks and why use child themes? And why certain themes are better than others depending on what your background is ie: coder, designer, beginner or intermediate skill level.

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Scan it! Incorporating QR Codes into WordPress

Move over social media, making room for QR Codes in your WordPress site enables quick scanning of key topics and features.  It can be as easy as a vCard, a coupon, link to an event, or something else.  Understand the do’s and don’ts in using QR Codes to enhance the user experience on your website.  Learn how to create QR Codes, use QR Code plugins and how others are already leveraging this new technology.

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Designing the plugin integration and signup experience

Companies with existing services are attracted to the WordPress plugin repository because of the exposure it offers to new eyes. In return, these companies build — on their dime — some really nifty plugins that integrate their API’s into the WordPress ecosystem.

In this presentation will will example three case studies plugins currently in the  the WordPress repository. We’ll look at their registration process and how the plugins integrate with the sponsoring company’s API. Analyzing their signup and integration process can we help these plugins improve the user experience?

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Professional Rapid Web Development Using the Genesis Framework

A walk through the Genesis Framework, and it’s use of hooks and filters to enable rapid web development. An introduction to the new Admin Class to make admin pages simple and easy. A review of development tools especially for the Genesis Framework. A quick review of Genesis-only plugins.

WordPress End-User Security – The Remix

Ever wonder if your site, your visitors, or business is safe on the internet?

WordPress End User Security by Dre Armeda will cover basic information security principles to consider even before you start a WordPress driven site, and a run at the top 10 WordPress security tips. You will get some metrics around malware attacks, and how to avoid being infected.

Information Security is everyone’s responsibility, and should be a consideration on any web project, beginning to end.

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Embedding Interactive Graphics using SVG, jQuery and WordPress

Take a floor plan in PDF format and turn it into an interactive Scalable Vector Graphic. We will use Illustrator, discuss free tools such as SVG-edit and Inkscape, demonstrate some jQuery, tweak our functions.php file, use “Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages,” “Disable Visual Editor WYSIWYG,” and ultimately embed the SVG directly in a WordPress post.

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Font Swoon – Advanced Web Typography

In Font Swoon we will not only take a great look at some cool and inspiring fonts and implementations, but an in-depth look at advanced type techniques using CSS3 as well as basic implementation. A type nerd must see.

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Don’t Hack Me Bro’! Simple Backup & Security for WordPress

WordPress security and backups are mostly overlooked, until it’s too late.  The steps to a secure site are simple and easy, but not something that shows on the outside.  Safe blogging will make sure you don’t kiss all that hard work goodbye. The recovery starts before you need it. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, can’t put a hacked WordPress site together again.  A few tweaks and plug-ins will  save you from disaster.

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Panel Discussion Sharing Secrets of Successful WordPress Businesses

We are going to spill the beans on running a business designing and/or developing WordPress sites. This panel might also be enlightening for  people or companies needing to hire a WordPress designer or developer. We will cover such practices as : How to use a WordPress site to attract business. Defining the scope of work.Knowing when to pull in other experts. How to write a proposal for a WordPress site Various types of pricing structures and price points. Providing maintenance services. To host or not to host. How to structure the workflow. How to get paid. How, when and whether to outsource. So start jotting down your questions.  This should be fun and informative.

An Online Marketing Approach that Revolves Around WordPress

WordPress is more than a tool for building and managing a website — it’s a tool that you can build a sustainable online marketing strategy around. Some simple strategies based in content development and blogging combined with some simple WordPress-based tools, trick and hacks can create the basis for ongoing marketing activities including blogging, social media, landing pages, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing and more.

Attendees will learn:

– Why content is King
– How blogging can drive all your entire online marketing
– How to REALLY succeed on the search engines
– Which WordPress tools and plugins are especially helpful in facilitating online marketing efforts
– How your WordPress theme can be designed to help automate things

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Best Practices and Tools for Using Images

Images and photos are an integral part of almost every successful blog these days. If your text isn’t accompanied by images, few people are going to be interested in what you’ve got to say-sad, but true.

That being said, we will look at some of the best practices for using images on the web, uploading and editing images within WordPress, optimizing your images for faster performance, and plugins for better image handling.

The Mystery of Pages and Posts

The difference between Pages and Posts is sometimes hard to grasp, and posts have a lot of other uses than just blogging. To really develop a good WordPress site you need to ponder when to use a page and what to use posts for. Find out More.

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Domains, Hosting and Installing WordPress Made Easy

Just starting out? Get the Scoop on Getting a Domain Name, Web Hosting Account and Installing a WordPress Site.

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HTML5 – Hell Yeah!

HTML5 isn’t just about markup; there’s a lot more to care about. This talk will cover “why” you should be using HTML5 today, clear up some of the confusion around what it is (and isn’t), introduce you to some cool stuff you can use to impress your friends, and how you can help make the web a just little bit better place for us all.

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Avoiding Blogger’s Block

You blog, but you either fall into one of the following:

1. You’ve reached a plateau with your site and just cannot seem to write any more
2. You really are not sure what you can cover on your site. (For those with businesses, you might be scared of spamming.)
3. You are afraid you might be copying other sites in your niche that may be covering the same topics.

I am going to go over some tips to help you overcome Blogger’s Block and get you to think outside the box when coming up with loads of topics for you.

At the end of my presentation, I will open the floor for questions. I would encourage you to even think about asking for topic ideas for your niche. I am sure that between myself and the other attendees, we can brainstorm fuel for your blog.

Monetizing your WordPress blog

Do you want to get rich quick overnight? Well then you are in the wrong place. Syed Balkhi, serial online entrepreneur and professional blogger, will share his practical tips and tricks that will help you create a passive income out of your blog. Unlike other monetization talks which are all about strategy, this presentation will go in-depth of the available tools and plugins for WordPress which can help a blogger generate a passive income through their blog.

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There’s a Plugin For That: Expanding the Functionality of Your Site

Exploring the WordPress repository for the right plugin can be frustrating and exhausting. And then once you find a WordPress plugin, you might find that it’s outdated, conflicts with other WordPress plugins, or just plain doesn’t do what you thought it would. Understanding what a plugin can do and how it can expand the functionality of your site helps you to explore the possibilities and push your site further. Test the boundaries to see what’s possible and then venture forth in your quest for just the right fit.

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