WordCampAtl is Sold Out!

As of today, we have officially “sold out”. Thanks everyone for signing up, it is going to be a great event. Our lists of speakers and presentations are really quite impressive. If you have not already, we encourage you to check out the speakers and sessions available.

Sorry to all of you latecomers! We knew we were going to have a full house and the tickets did fly out of here fast. We still have some tickets for some SCAD students who are just back from break. But the rest of you, don’t despair. Scurry on over to the WordCamp Birmingham site and snag one of their tickets for WordCamp Ya’ll January 14 and 15. A lot of us from Atlanta will be presenting there. And they have a lot of people who are not speaking at WordCamp Atlanta.
In fact, even if you are going to WordCamp Atl, you might also want to go to the Birmingham camp. You can’t get enough live WordPress training at these prices!

If for some reason you can’t make it and already have a ticket, please consider donating it to someone else; just contact us for information about transferring your ticket.

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12 Responses to WordCampAtl is Sold Out!

  1. Martha Brock says:

    Would you put me on a waitlist. I sent an email last night using the Contact button, so this may be overkill, but you know . . .

  2. Daniel Immke says:

    Kudos to you guys! I’m really bummed out, I had not purchased my ticket yet. I thought I had a little more time 🙁

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  5. Carel says:

    Excellent news! Congratulations WordCamp peeps!

    Carel of ClickHOST

  6. Monica McPherrin says:

    Do you think there is a chance you will open up some more spaces?
    I’m so disappointed I didn’t do this sooner.

  7. Nathan says:

    I’m kinda bummed. I signed up for updates on this LAST APRIL and NEVER received any news. Curious I looked today, and see it is sold out. Did something happen to your subscription service? GRRRRR.

  8. judi says:

    Nathan, WordCamps are entirely run by volunteers and here in Atlanta we started over from scratch with a whole new org team. On top of that, the whole WordCamp process went through a reorganization this year. The stand alone sites were shut down and we started new one on the WordCamp.org server. So, there were definitely some hiccups. So sorry you didn’t get the info in time.

    If you are in Atlanta, please get involved with our Atlanta WordPress User Groups. We have almost 900 members, but you will definitley stay in the loop, and we have fun meetings.

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