WordCamp is now sold out to the public (SCAD student tickets available to current SCAD students). If you didn’t get a ticket we encourage you to join us at one of our monthly meetups. Click here for information and to join the Atlanta WordPress Meetup Group.

Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.

13 Responses to Tickets

  1. Martha Brock says:

    Color me dense, but where’s the link to my ticket (that I just purchased)?

  2. Where is my actual ticket? I filled all forms and I’m not even on the attendee list!

    • rfair404 says:

      Carlos, the attendee page takes a while to update – it is heavily cached.

      I double checked your registration and you are all set!

  3. Chris Leeds says:

    I am so glad I am able to attend. Thank you for getting back to me. Will you be mailing the ticket or holding it for me at the door? Chris Leeds

  4. Monica McPherrin says:

    So excited I was able to get a ticket. I can hardly wait for the event and look forward to learning more & seeing lots of old friends (as well as making new ones).

  5. What a relief — I will finally be able to figure out how to use my website, blogs, twitters, FB, FB Page and internet radio show so that they complement and don’t compete with one another. THANK YOU!

  6. JeanneBird says:

    So looking forward to WordCamp!
    Here’s to learning lots, meeting new folks & seeing old friends…

  7. dann diez says:

    see you in wordcamp atlanta, am coming over from Philippines.

  8. Dann Diez says:

    im participating to the event coming from the Philippines.
    looking forward for a collaborative and fun learnings.

    by the way how to reach the venue from nearest marta station? i am
    taking public transportation.