Thrive! Meetings & Events

Thrive! Meetings & Events is a full-service event management firm based in Atlanta, GA. We know that planning a meeting or event is more than the logistics of booking hotels and ordering food. It’s a strategic process that integrates every detail into a flawless, seamless occasion.

We also believe delicious, healthy food and environmentally friendly meeting practices should be a part of every event and work in unison to deliver the biggest return on your investment. We’re guided by three principles when planning any event:


When planning your event, we ensure it is strategically aligned with your goals and objectives. We use innovative ways to produce it and are savvy with your dollars.


Being green means much more than being sustainable. We’re resourceful with your dollars and in our planning and we ensure your event is responsible not only to the environment, but also to your guests and bottom-line.

Events are experiences that should stimulate the senses. From providing healthy, tasty food, to entertaining events and encouraging thought provoking content, we create events that move people.

Whether business or pleasure, our innovative planners can help develop the vision for your event and execute it with precision, style, and success. We provide more than just chicken and PowerPoints…we’re about making the world healthier – and more sustainable – one event at a time.