Awesome WordCamp, Thanks To Everyone For Making It Happen!

Was it really just a week ago that we were all at Camp?

WordCamp was so awesome! The sponsors, speakers and the volunteers joined together in an non-commercial, open source kind of way to put on this amazing event. There was a sense of community, and possibility in the air that was intoxicting. It was a WordPress Love fest for sure.

It was an honor to have Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and Jane Wells, WordPress UI ( user-interface) lead,  join us. Matt and Jane and do a “He Said, She Said talk” at the opening remarks on Day Two. I heard someone say that if that was the only talk they saw they  would have felt like they had got their money’s worth from the conference.

To keep the memories alive we posted a bunch of photos on the WordCamp Atlanta Flickr Group.  These photos were taken by photographers, Frank Neimier and Jan Stittleburg. Check them out. There are some great shots. And, feel free to upload your own photos to the WordCamp Atlanta Flickr group.

In order to make WordCamp Atlanta even better next year (is that even possible?), we put together a survey. We’d sure appreciate if you would please take a few minutes to give us your feedback.

Take Our Survey Here!

Thanks to all of you for making WordCamp Atlanta so amazing!

Until next year, see you at a Meetup!

Judi and Russell

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