Attention Ticket Holders

If you purchased a ticket and filled out the form and paypal took your money, you are registered. Most of you should appear on the attendees page on our site. If you are there then we have all of your information and you will simply go to registration to pick up your badge and your t-shirt.

There will be no walk-ins and we do not want to find people without Badges in our conference area.

If you purchased several tickets in your name, please send us your name and the full names and info on each of  your ticket holders.

Oh, and please be sure to let us know if you have a ticket that you don’t need. We can’t give refunds, but there are a lot people who would love to be able to take your spot.

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One Response to Attention Ticket Holders

  1. dann diez says:

    is it possible if i can still join this event? im from philippines and new to wordpress.
    ill be in atlanta on that week i just found out of this event.
    thanks so much.